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Here’s an much more radical thought chooks! All local pensioners to receive the NZ pension! We import $100 million worth of products Get the facts from NZ each year! There are lower than 4,000 pensions anyway so NZ can afford it!

Once once more chooks the nation is left in the lifeless of night to determine it out. With no corruption to deplete State coffers and stagnate development, Fiji will emerge an influence home within the area. With all the hoo blah blah about Temporary Fiji PM Commander Bananarama, some people have conveniently forgotten that the federal government he tossed out was corrupt.

In line with click to read more current coverage, MPs spending tax payer’s money on space flights needn't submit any reviews following their journey. Richard Branson, proprietor of Virgin Space Ships, is said to be have a peek at this web-site considerably mystified however happy with the announcement. Chooks there could be as many as seven impartial MPs in parliament after the next election.

Why else would ex-pats all of a sudden start an orchestrated campaign to get locals to observe Vaka TV? This means ex-pats are watching CITV and not Vaka! So here’s a message to ex-pats who enjoy working down exhausting working locals. Keep watching CITV as a result of if you’re really lucky, you could just discover some more trivial, pin pricking issues for your tiny brains to complain about. How can the Cooks Read Full Report name be eternally etched in Olympic history?

Fiji and Samoa both had the political will to create inland reservoirs and Tahiti had use this link a river dammed up but that dam failed inflicting a serious flood. Behind the Hotel website there’s ample room for an international 18 hole golf course. It was even proposed by the earlier developer! The present builders are sitting pretty-on a 60 yr lease and no particular cut-off dates for building, they should be bought out. Next time the paddlers come, how about giving them their very own “currency” for making purchases?

What was it chooks that delayed the progress on the flamboyant new $10 million inter-island passenger boat that was to be constructed by the Chinese? New gimmick in the wind out west chooks! All international boat individuals landing at the new Jetty will require a visa to enter the Commonwealth of Puaikura! All Foreign Boat people shall be given a survival pack consisting of 1 ripe my link paw paw, one nu, two ripe bananas, two slices of cooked taro and half a cooked kumara.

Chooks the brand new Education Ministry HQ is to be run on renewable power. As an incentive, the staff member who generates the most energy every fortnight by way of pedaling, shall be paid a bonus on payday. Were not the Trade Days primarily for the outer islanders to showcase their nice crafts and delectable delicacies? They solely come en masse every year.